Plant Propagation Buddy

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  • SUPPORT YOUR PLANTS AT THEIR GENTLEST STAGE. An indoor gardening system positively needs plant support stakes (or alternatives like these buddies) for the tender sprouts to grow big and strong. And unlike plant support sticks, the buddies hug the stem!

  • EMBRACED PLANTS ARE LIKELIER TO THRIVE. Let’s say you’re endeavoring to grow your vegetables (for the best salad of your life) and you need tomato plant support: it will surely take better care of the young sprouting stalk than, say, a plant support ring.

  • ENDEARING AND FUN-LOOKING. Each garden plant holder sits on the edge of a vase or a glass and firmly but carefully holds a shoot (or a cutting, or a flower). These are cute indoor plant accessories: heart-warming and satisfying to the eye.

  • ADD A TWIST TO YOUR ONE-FLOWER BOUQUETS. As well as replacing a plant stick and making reliable tomato support, they work for flowers. Use them as peony support to arrange a touching one-flower bouquet in a vase that’ll make your friends go “Aww.”

  • PERFECT PLANT GIFTS FOR PLANT LOVERS. Anyone who’s into growing things will appreciate these garden plant support figures as they will make dealing with sprouts more productive and more fun. A stem holder is a great complement to an indoor grow kit or a sprout kit.


  • Material: Plastic

  • Color: Green

  • Product Dimensions: 

  • Style: Plant Support

  • Item Weight: 0.05 Kilograms


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