Domom Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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  • Alle Produkte :2/3/4 kaufen, 5/10/15% Rabatt erhalten
Do you have some old knifes in home? Do you still use knife sharpening stone or normal knife sharpener? Try Domom Kitchen Knife Sharpener, take the knife on a new look! And it will give you a different experience! 
  • NEW DESIGN - Unlike others normal knife sharpener, our product can sharpen all your dull knives in seconds. 
  • MOER PROFESSIONAL - Works on various of knife blades, 
  • PRACTICAL&EFFICIENT With two spring-action arms, more practical&higher effiecient than a knife sharpening stone
  • MORE SHARPENER - Sharpen your knives and take them on a new look!

Please Note: Not suitale for Chinese Kitchen Knife!!!

Package Includes:

1 X Domom Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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