Anti-mosquito capsule lamp

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The anti-mosquito capsule lamp

Practical and environmentally friendly

Every summer is the same! We can't open a window for two minutes without being infested by mosquitoes and attacked all night long! Fortunately, this new generation mosquito lamp will help you fight this pest while combating the frustration of often chemical products that don't work effectively.

The usage method is very simple. The violet light scattered by the lamp and the temperature of 37° emitted attract mosquitoes. The 360° suction system then takes over the detection within a radius of 30m².

The lamp is wireless and has a battery life of 10 hours. It is simply charged via USB. Very convenient for a vacation with you. It is also extremely quiet, so you can place it in any room of the house and finally have peaceful nights.

It is environmentally friendly and requires no chemicals or pesticides.


  • Charging: USB
  • Rated voltage: 5V
  • Function: get rid of mosquitoes!
  • Weight: 500G
  • Size: 24CM*11CM*11CM
  • Package: 1* an anti-mosquito lamp

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