Aluminum foil tin cups

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If you can't cook, you can also become a chef. 😎Make delicious food easily in just a few steps!

No cumbersome steps whether you're making baked cakes, grilled seafood, baked enoki mushrooms, egg tarts and puddings!

Use aluminum foil tin cup, thickening, not easy to deform, heat protection and preservation function+++. What are you waiting for, buy now!


  • ✅Multifunctional Use: It can be used for grilling, steaming, baking, open flame, charcoal grilling and baking rice. It is also suitable for a hot air fryer, microwave, oven, steamer, etc.

  • ✅Heat Resistance: Made of durable food grade aluminum foil, safe, hygienic and healthy. It can be used in high temperature environments up to 250°C.

  • ✅The perfect tool for food making: There are 10/30/50pcs in a pack, which is the perfect tableware for companies, takeaways, cooking classes, delicatessens, food party planning, etc.

  • Green and Reusable: The aluminum foil cup is relatively strong and can be washed and reused after use. The rounded rolled cup design won't hurt your hand when you hold it.


  • Mouth diameter : 8.5 cm

  • Bottom diameter: 6.6cm

  • Height: 3.6cm

  • Material: aluminum foil

  • Colors: Gold/Light Blue/Dairy

  • Capacity: 125ml

  • Shape: Round


  • 10/20/50 * Aluminum foil tin cups
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