Air Wedge Inflatable Shim Hand Pump

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The new inflatable wedge and Leveling tools are designed for professional users.

✔ Inflatable wedge made of fiber-reinforced material that is durable and does not show.

✔ The inflatable wedge replaces wooden and plastic wedges in window, door and closet installations.

✔ Aligns household appliances and furniture.

✔ Powerful hand pump lifts up to 200 kg.


  • The inflatable wedge with a load capacity of 200kg , safely handling full size installations with just one installer, saving time and labor costs.
  • Lift, move, align and level - By using multiple inflatable wedges under, over, to the left and right of heavy objects, you can fine-tune their positioning with simple adjustments from all four sides, resulting in faster, safer positions.
  • The soft cover leaves no marks and does not damage the surrounding surface.
  • Easy one-handed operation with simple pressure and precise vent valve allows it to be raised and lowered to perfect alignment.
  • Multifunctional - Can be used in the store, construction site, home or anywhere you need to lift and level objects. The more you use inflatable wedge, the more applications you will find - appliances, beams, cabinets, doors, furniture, countertops, mantel, bathroom fixtures, curtain walls, windows and more.
  • Color : Black
  • Wedge material : composite material made of polyester and PU
  • Size : 15*16.5cm
  • Tube length : 25 cm
  • Load capacity : 200 kg
PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2pcs/4pcs Air Wedge
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