313 KAPRO multifunctional ruler

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313 KAPRO multifunctional ruler

It is a versatile DIY tool for decorating, carpentry, electrical and plumbing work.

The multifunctional ruler is a sturdy, triangular ruler with ruler, movable markings and knife guide . It features zero and midpoint scales as well as standard water pipe and electric scales . A removable nail gripper and a drill diameter make the work easier and faster .

The multifunctional ruler is the ideal tool for DIY tasks such as leveling pictures and mirrors , adjusting cupboards and shelves , cutting and aligning wallpaper and positioning sockets and taps .


  • Show Level and Plumb: This straight ruler features a sturdy triangular profile as well as two easy-to-read bubble levels that show level and plumb.
  • With two movable markers: Allows you to adjust and set the positions of the fasteners on the back of a picture, allowing you to easily transfer these dimensions to the wall.
  • Create accurate layout markings: The ruler contains markings for electrical and water pipe scales. The triangular shape allows for a clear view of the measurement and easy access with a pen to create accurate layout markings.
  • Other functions: The multifunctional ruler includes a sliding knife guide, zero and center scales, a nail gripper and a drill diameter gauge.


  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Length: 30cm


1 x 313 KAPRO multifunctional ruler

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