16 Colors LED Toilet Night Light--Upgrade UV Sterilization

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  • All products :Buy 2/3/4, get 5/10/15% discount

  • Ideal night light for the bathroom toilet: particularly practical for children who have difficulty switching the bathroom light. Great for hotel rooms or caravans on holiday.
  • Motion Sensor: Automatic activation LED lights up when someone approaches, stays off for 120 seconds until no motion is detected or bright light deactivates activation.
  • Easy to install: Place the sensor so that the sensor points to the area of ​​approach, bend the flexible arm over the toilet rim and the LED light reflects and bends to illuminate the entire toilet bowl and local area .
  • 16 Colors: Leave the LED to the desired color, press the set button and light will only light up in that color. Release the Set button to restore cycling. Transition between colors allows you to adjust to many more color and color variations.
  • UV Disinfection & Aromatherapy Air Freshener: RGB light rotating for 2 minutes, after you leave then stops, and UV lamp starts to work, can sterilizes for 2 minutes, kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses without chemicals in the Keep toilet, safety, health and cleaner for your family; Also with 4 PVC scented slices to help improve the smell of the around
  • Automatic detection: when within 2 meters away. The lights light up automatically. The light requires AAA battery ( battery not included )

With the LED light, you no longer need your old fashion bathroom night light. LED light puts the light where you need it more.

The toilet facilities:
1. Intelligent perception detection, the lights with built-in sensors that detect movements up to 2 meters
2. New toilet night light with good quality, lighting your toilet at night. Toilet light will not disturb your partner's sleep.
3. Romantic and cheerful color, your toilet is not only useful but also beautiful.

Installation precautions:
-> Always insert batteries correctly

-> needs the light in the darkness , because this is a light-sensitive product! When the customer plugs in the batteries, then the customer needs to press the button so that the product can turn on the electric power (press for a few seconds), the product starts to work

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